Photobooth: Raine Manley Robertson

We just stumbled across these, and we’re mesmerized.  Are they bold? Crass? Liberating? All of the above, and certainly stunning. Are these photos hyper-sexualizing the female body? Does it make a difference that they were taken by the model—a female?

We find it interesting how hard it is to still talk about sex, and female sexuality, in a region in which sex seems to dominate. We live in societies that value exposure of the flesh, but also adherence to religion; we live in societies where women are outperforming men educationally, but are still expected to perform their domestic duties; we live in societies where freedom of expression, and freedom of female expression, is still constrained by the fact that everyone knows everybody—and their cousins, and their parents, so much so that countries can sometimes feel like small towns. And there’s something brazen and irrefutably sexy about an artist from a well-known family (who once actually spent time hosting the KFC Quiz Show, which poses trivia questions to teams of kids) capturing her own unpruned body with her own camera.

Born in Kingston and educated at Pratt, this young artist’s settled in and photographing in Brooklyn. Check out her site for more photography aimed at examining the overlooked, the denied, and the discarded.

Raine Manley Robertson - Paint

Raine Manley Robertson - Paint

Raine Manley Robertson - Paint


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